Mikkel Lerche

Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Mikkel Lerche Hansen, and I am a guy who loves to learn and be creative.
If you wish to see my work continue on to view my photos or my renders.

A bit about me

You will often find me taking photos or creating stuff in 3D, but when I am not taking photos or modelling in 3D
I like to do relaxing stuff with my girlfriend like reading, drawing or painting.
When I am out in the wild I usually have my trusty Nikon d5500 with me for taking photos.
My main tool of choices for editing my photographs is Capture One and Photoshop.
For my 3D work I mostly use Blender and Photoshop, but sometimes I use Substance Designer for creating textures.
Besides photographing and 3D modelling I have spend some time learning After Effects, Premiere Pro,
HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and C#. I would not call myself a pro to any of these but I do have some experience with them.